Bite size corporate finance for the real world


Practical insight and analysis into corporate fiance solutions for real world issues

MWACC brings innovative thinking to decision making in the real business world: 

  • Capital: you cannot create value unless you know the true rate of return 
  • Risk: real world tricks to manage risk cost effectively and explain it intuitively
  • Investment: bring models closer to reality with Monte Carlo and Real Options
  • Performance: measure and reward value creation without lifting a finger

Perspective & Experience

Your author was the ACT's student of the year and MCT prize winner in 2012; he has served as Deputy and  Interim Group Treasurer in a FTSE30; and he has a deep understanding of the interaction of commercial and corporate finance.

Adding Value

MWACC is all about value.  Measuring it depends on understanding the true cost of capital.  It also depends on understanding the dynamic nature of risk and taming it with techniques such as Monte Carlo and Real Options.     


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MWACC can offer truly innovative thinking bringing corporate finance to life within your organisation.  Simple, transparent and accessible techniques to bring alignment behind the one constant in corporate life: Value

MWACC: bite size corporate finance for the real world

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